Mark Cuban Confronted Lamar Odom in the Locker Room During Halftime of Odom's Final Game With Dallas

Even after winning a title in 2011, Mark Cuban has not taken a more hands-off approach to running the Mavericks. The latest example took place during halftime of what would end up being Lamar Odom’s final game with Dallas. Cuban was in the visiting locker room with his team when he got into it with the reality television star and former basketball player. From ESPN Dallas:

Sources told ESPNDallas.com that the heated words were “the culmination” of an exasperating weekend. That convinced team officials to initiate discussions on Easter that led to the parties agreeing split for the rest of the season.

According to sources, the crux of the heated halftime confrontation was Cuban asking Odom if he was “in or out.” Sources said Odom, who had played only four minutes in the first half, reacted angrily to the question and did not take his seat on the bench until after the third quarter began.

And that is the beauty of Mark Cuban, owner. He doesn’t like your effort, he’ll meet you in the locker room to see what your problem is. Lamar Odom didn’t have the right answer and now he’s free to spend more time with Khloe Kardashian… He’ll be back looking for work in no time.

[ESPN Dallas]

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