"NFL Scout" Thinks There Are Five QBs in the 2012 Draft Better Than Cam Newton

We’re still a few weeks from the 2012 NFL Draft. This period – from now until the week the players descend upon New York – is also known as the time when Everyone Says Really Stupid Things Trying to Create a Storyline.

Witness this:

“I think there’s five [Quarterbacks] that are better than any of them last year,” said one of the two scouts I talked to over the weekend about the quarterback class.

Want to say Andrew Luck is better than Cam Newton? I would listen to that argument. RG3? No. Ryan Tannehill? Hell no. Brandon Weedon – whom I like a lot – and Kirk Cousins? Get the fuck out. No, really, get the fuck out.

But wait, there’s more lunacy!

One of the scouts said [Luck & Griffin] are elite prospects, better than the Eli Manning-Philip Rivers-Ben Roethlisberger class that went Nos. 1, 4 and 11, respectively in the ’04 draft and that has won four Super Bowls combined.

Right. After eight years in the NFL, what are the chances Luck & Griffin have one Super Bowl trip?

Hey, only three more weeks of this garbage.

My favorite (almost never-told) RG3 story – Baylor led lowly Texas Tech 31-28 at the half last season. RG3 sat out the 2nd half with a concussion. His backup, Nick Florence, came off the bench to go 9-for-12 for 151 yards and two TDs, plus ran for another. Baylor scored 66 points. Big 12 offenses and defenses … gotta love ’em. My stance on RG3 remains the same – good QB, I’d draft him in the Top 10, but there’s no way I would have given up what Washington did to get him.

Luck, RGIII best QB prospects in years [Green Bay Press-Gazette]

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