Bobby Valentine Was Asked About Curt Schilling, and Then Things Got Awkward

Bobby Valentine does Boston radio too. WEEI’s Dennis and Callahan, who somehow survived this with employment intact, had a rather awkward interview with Bobby Valentine. The radio hosts asked the Red Sox manager about his “consider the source” comment when asked about Curt Schilling’s critical comments. The following exchange occurred.

Yesterday we had your biggest fan, Karl Ravech, on. … He said to us that you and Curt Schilling hung out, got along great, were friendly when you were down there [at ESPN]. Why do you dismiss him and just say, “Consider the source.” Isn’t he a pretty astute baseball guy?

I think he knows a lot about baseball, and I did hang around with him a bit. I don’t think he knows anything about our team.

Is it do you think because of his affection for Terry Francona?

I have no idea. Why don’t you ask him? He’d probably be a good guest on your show.

Oh, he has been. He says he likes you, he’s a fan of yours, but he doesn’t think your style will work here. You just dismiss it as “Consider the course.” What’s wrong with the source?

You tell me.

You’re the one who said it. I don’t know. I think he’s a pretty good source.

Then it’s credible for you. It just wasn’t credible for me.

Why not?

[Long silence] Next question, thank you.

Just a reminder. It is April 12. The Red Sox have yet to play a home game. It’s going to be a long season.

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