Video: Todd McShay Thinks Ryan Tannehill Has Better Tools Than USC's Matt Barkley

The Ryan Tannehill lovefest continues! Todd McShay was on Colin Cowherd’s radio show this morning and raved about the upside of Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill. Yes, the same Tannehill who is engaged to this model.* Yes, the same Tannehill who started 19 games for Texas A&M during his Aggies career.

The draft has been looking for a sexy storyline – it is written in sports media bylaws that BIG NFL DRAFT DRAMA¬†MUST involve a QB – and Tannehill might be it. Luck and Griffin are going to be taken 1st and 2nd overall, and Tannehill’s your next best story (with apologies to Trent Richardson and Justin Blackmon).

Tannehill’s athletic, smart, and had the physical ability to be a pretty good receiver for the Aggies. He’s a unique prospect. Who is the last QB that could get selected in the Top 10 but was also a college football receiver? I can’t think of one.

If I had to compare Matt Barkley to an NBA prospect, I’d go with Jared Sullinger. Really nice college player, probably has a 10-year pro career ahead of him, but not an NFL star. Based on what I’ve seen of Barkley, I think he’s definitely a first-round pick next year.

(That being said, he’s in a stacked class, and I think Tyler Wilson of Arkansas and possibly Tyler Bray of Tennessee end up getting picked before Barkley. Not sure about Murray. Yes, I’m making that projection a year early.)

* Barkley’s girl isn’t bad, either.

Because you want to see it first!

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