Russell Westbrook's Alley-Oop From Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka's Block on DeMarcus Cousins

Here’s Russell Westbrook (point guard) throwing down a ferocious dunk off a Kevin Durant alley-oop. Russell Westbrook will eventually tear down a basket support like Shaq. While Shaq was just that big and powerful, Westbrook dunks with rage and anger and pure youthful exuberance. Every single time.

Oh, and here’s Serge Ibaka blocking DeMarcus Cousins. Calling it a block doesn’t really convey the fact that he just took the ball away with one hand while Cousins was trying to dunk the ball. If these two highlights weren’t enough of a hint, OKC is currently crushing the Kings.

[@dailythunder / @outsidethenba]

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