The Jacksonville Jaguars Signed Free Agents Who Had Impressive Wives

The Jaguars, who haven’t made the playoffs since 2007 and were a wretched 5-11 last season, unveiled a new strategy this offseason in targeting free agents – they wanted players with great wives according to the Wall Street Journal.

“When you get two people in their mid-20s that are married and have wonderful wives, they’re kind of like me because I think they were able to over-marry,” [Jacksonville GM Gene] Smith said just after the signing.

The two biggest Jacksonville signings were QB Chad Henne (to backup Gabbert or be the starter?) and Dallas touchdown machine Laurent Robinson, who received $27 million (!).

The Hennes have been dating since junior high. “I really think there [are] a lot of guys that come in single, you are very young and there are lot of women after the money, the fame,” Chad Henne said. “They aren’t in it for the right reasons. If you have a relationship before you come into the league, it builds your character and you get sustained in the way you live.”

Seems like a sound strategy. I’m 74% certain that Mr. Kahn has a grand plan – move the team to Los Angeles, where all these great wives can help land the them a reality show. [WSJ]

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