Warren Sapp Speaks About His Bankruptcy, Compares Himself To A Diamond in a Pile of . . .

Last week, the news came out that Warren Sapp had filed for bankruptcy. Then, news leaked that he was likely out at the NFL Network when his contract expired. Gary Shelton of the Tampa Bay Times interviewed Warren Sapp about his recent struggles. According to Shelton, Sapp hasn’t engendered the kind of sympathy that other popular former Bucs might receive, and is a polarizing figure in the community.

According to Sapp, his problems relate to a bad real estate deal involving low income housing in 2005. As a result of money owed, his entire salary from the NFL Network, reportedly at $540,000 per year, was garnished for a full season, leaving him in further debt. He also says the Super Bowl Ring was misplaced when he was at the Super Bowl. As for the lion-skin rug, Sapp wants you to know he didn’t shoot it. He did, however, shoot the zebra that also became part of his rug collection.

Despite the recent setbacks, Sapp is outwardly maintaining his bravado and confidence.

“This isn’t as tough a situation as when I came out of college, and there were reports of seven positive drug tests, and I was a 21-year-old man. I was coming to the worst franchise in pro football, and Sam Wyche was running a five-ring circus, and my teammates were calling me ‘super-rook’ because they didn’t want me here. You stick a diamond in a pile of s- – – and it’s still a diamond.

“If there is air in my lungs, I’ll find a way.”

[photo via US Presswire]

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