Jessica Dorrell Used the $20,000 Bobby Petrino Gave Her to Buy an Acura

Because getting Jessica Dorrell a job wasn’t enough … Bobby Petrino somehow felt compelled to throw $20k her way to help her buy a new car.

Bobby Petrino gave Jessica Dorrell a $20,000 gift which the football program employee used to buy a car during her first week on the job.

The information was revealed in athletic director Jeff Long’s letter informing Petrino had been fired April 10. The document was obtained Friday through a Freedom of Information request.

Long outlines the reasons for terminating Petrino four cause under the terms of his Arkansas contract. The fifth reason listed referred to a cash “gift” given to Dorrell. Long wrote that the money was used to purchase a black Acura the first week she worked for the football program.

Imagine if you’re her fiance – she’s got a new job and a new car and she’s fielding early-morning calls and constant texts … [Arkansas News]



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