Floyd Mayweather Talks Dog Fighting On 24/7, Thinks Better of It, Then Decides He Isn't Worried About PETA

The first episode of 24/7 Mayweather / Cotto debuted last night. In this clip, Floyd Mayweather Jr. starts talking about watching dog fights. He immediately has a moment of clarity where he realizes this is something that he shouldn’t talk about on television. Of course, that moment of clarity immediately makes way for a lifetime of realizing he’s Floyd Mayweather Jr. and he doesn’t have to worry about P.R. battles with PETA.

“I don’t wanna get in trouble with the PETA people, but – the animal rights people, but shit. I don’t give a fuck because I wear mink coats. I’m going to wear chinchilla and rock mink coats. The same people who gonna to tell you, you can’t wear animal fur and shit. Them the same people that’s eatin’ chickens. Eatin’ cow and eatin’ steak. So fuck what they talk about.”

You can’t really tell how much of this is Mayweather’s schtick to sell Pay-Per-Views and how much is him truly not giving a fuck because he’s Money Mayweather.

[Iron Forges Iron]


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