Bo Ryan is Angry Jarrod Uthoff is Transferring, So He's Blocking as Many Suitors as Possible

Jarrod Uthoff was Iowa’s Mr. Basketball in 2011. He was an impressive recruit who had offers from virtually the entire Big Ten, Virginia, and Iowa State.

He picked Wisconsin. Bo Ryan redshirted him. [UPDATE: Uthoff chose to redshirt.]

And now Uthoff has decided he wants to transfer. And Bo Ryan is so pissed about it, he’s blocking Uthoff from going to the schools outside of the Big Ten – like Virginia and Iowa State – that covet him. Ryan even blocked Marquette because it’s regional, and the entire ACC. All told, Ryan has blocked Uthoff from going to 25 schools.

Where’s the outrage? Football coaches – Charlie Weis comes to mind – are regularly slammed for blocking kids from transferring to a school they want to. Ryan, though, is loved by a small contingent of the stat-loving basketball media, so he’ll probably get a pass for this. What are the odds any of the big ESPN college hoops names – looking at you, Katz, Vitale, Bilas – take Ryan to task for this? [UPDATE: Bilas have been vocal on twitter, nothing from Vitale, and Katz is on vacation.]

Probably nobody, which is ashamed, because it’s a dick move by Ryan. I won’t hold my breath for the NCAA to step in and tell Ryan to STFU and let the kid go to any non-Big Ten school he wants to attend. [Metro Sports Report via Dauster]

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