Tailgate: The Tale of the Blue Tail That Would Have Given Horse Racing a Much-Needed Shot in the Arm

This horse’s ass belongs to Hansen, the favorite in this past Saturday’s Grade I Toyota Blue Grass Stakes at Keeneland racecourse in Lexington, Kentucky. Hansen’s owner, Dr. Kendall Hansen had dyed his horse’s tail blue for race.

Then that afternoon there was concern that Hansen could be scratched for his blue tale so they washed the dye out. During a meeting later in the day, it was decided that the colt would not be scratched, but there would be a disciplinary hearing and a possible fine or suspension. Being the kind of rebel who would go through the trouble of getting three girls to wear white dresses with blue tails sticking out the back, Hansen (the person) attempted to have Hansen’s (the horse) tail dyed blue again.

Eric Crawford of the Courier-Journal documented the entire soap opera and even got a quote from Lindsay Hunter (not the basketball player), the woman who dyes horse tails at Keeneland.

“I think Dr. Hansen’s idea (was) that maybe doing something like this would attract a younger part of the population into horse racing, and I think Kentucky badly needs a shot in the arm to do that,” said Hunter, who said she often dyes horse’s tails for sale purposes at Keeneland. “And if it was something that people would talk about and maybe bring them to the track, I think it’s all for the good.”

I can see it now. “Mommy! I just saw a horse with a blue tail on the OTB channel! Can we go to the track? Please!” If you were wondering, Hansen (the horse) came in second in the race. His tale was not blue, but I’m sure his owner was.

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