Alabama Football Players Rush to the Hospital Overnight Following Fight [UPDATE]

According to Crimson and White, there was a fight near Alabama’s campus overnight, and a couple gun shots rang out. Here are some details:

Eyewitness photos show a crowd near the corner of University Boulevard and Red Drew Avenue in front of Egan’s Bar following the incident. Emergency responders loaded two men who had been lying on the ground into an ambulance on stretchers at the scene. Police blocked off University Boulevard and Marr’s Spring Road, an on-campus road under half a mile away from where the shots were fired, less than an hour after the shooting.

One of the two men who was lying on the ground appears to be a bouncer. (Here are photos of the crime scene.)

“[Ingram] is a trained fighter and really big guy, and the nurse said when they found him, he was completely unconscious in front of Houndstooth,” Smith said. “He was pretty out of it and we asked him, ‘Do you know what happened to you?’ and he said ‘I don’t know, I don’t know what happened,’” Smith said.

Crimson & White went on to say that football players (linebacker Nico Johnson, pictured above) and coaches appeared at the hospital in the middle of the night, possibly because the other person who was hospitalized was on the team.

It’s unclear who the second person was, but according to a commenter who frequents the often-unreliable message boards, it’s a football player.

More as we get it.

[UPDATE: The Tuscaloosa News has named the football player – receiver DeAndrew White. He’s the same player who was mentioned by the message board.]

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