Dwight Howard is Willing to Sit Out and Collect Paychecks Until Stan Van Gundy is Fired

Dwight Howard really wants Stan Van Gundy fired. Two weeks ago, we were treated to the awkward situation where Howard hugged Van Gundy and lied to the press about the situation. This week WKMG in Orlando reported that Dwight Howard called Magic owner Rich DeVos to tell him he no longer wanted to play for Stan Van Gundy. The real beauty of the phone call is that it supposedly took place during Orlando’s game against the Atlanta Hawks last Friday. Howard, who is receiving treatment for an injury, might be done for the season, but it has more to do with the knife in Stan Van Gundy’s back than the herniated disk in Howard’s. From WKMG:

Howard would also likely sit out the postseason, according to the sources. The NBA sources believe not playing for Van Gundy is more at issue than anything else and the circus-like atmosphere is being orchestrated by Howard. The sources confirm it all started with Howard’s trade demands prior to the season and that Howard was offered too much control.

Howard has been such a clown throughout this entire process. Why did he agree to come back for another year to do it all again? He’s a walking soap opera. Stan Van Gundy is obviously done worrying. His official quote to the Orlando Sentinel about Howard’s latest attempt to get him fired?

“I make nothing of them and I have no comment.”

Van Gundy continues to go to work every day and prepare to take the Magic to the playoffs. Good for him. When the Magic finally officially side with Howard, Van Gundy will have plenty of options. He’s probably hoping the Magic fire him at this point. What does Van Gundy have to gain by staying? The Magic aren’t winning a championship this season without Dwight Howard. They also aren’t winning a championship this season with Dwight Howard. The important thing is that they won’t next season either.

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