Bobby Petrino Told Arkansas Dorrell Affair Began Last Fall, Ended in Early February

Bobby Petrino told Arkansas Athletic Director Jeff Long his relationship with Jessica Dorell began last fall and ended sexually in early February, before she was hired in late March.

His timing should be open to skepticism and not just because it was him uttering the words. According to Long’s notes, Dorrell thought the relationship would have continued had the motorcycle crash not happened. They were in the motorcycle crash together. They were also were on flights together in February and March.

Here are some other tid bits. The romance began when “she said are you going to kiss me?” as they ate lunch together in a car. Dorrell mentioned “5-6 gifts” of candy including an apparent reference to Hot Tamales.

Have a hunch we’re going to learn far more than we ever wanted to about Bobby Petrino’s methods of seduction in the weeks to come.


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