Andreas Spang Knocked Out Brian Rogers, then Fought Maiquel Falcão During the Post-Fight Interview

Andreas Spang had an impressive come-from-behind knockout of Brian Rogers at Bellator 66 last night. The win put him in the middleweight tournament final. Maiquel Falcão won earlier in the evening to earn the other spot int he tournament final, so Bellator brought him into the cage post-fight so the two finalists could face off. Things did not go smoothly.

Spang shoved Falcão and Falcão almost threw a punch. Somehow, the hot-headed Brazilian held back, but then instincts kicked in for both fighters. Spang ducked down and tried to wrap Falcão up. Falcão clinched Spang and threw a knee to his ribcage as announcers, security and anyone else in the cage tried to separate them. It was one of those moments that left most people thinking, “Well, we knew that might happen.”

During the Bellator 66 weigh-ins on Thursday, Spang shoved Rogers during their stare down. As for Falcão, this is hardly his first incident. During his lone UFC fight against Gerald Harris, Falcão held onto a choke well after the bell. Shortly after, Falcão was released from the UFC because of some looming legal problems from an assault charge against a woman in Brazil in 2002. In 2007, cornermen had to drag him off an opponent after the fight was over.

Simply put, Falcão is a menace. He’s too much of a headache for the UFC to bother with despite a 30-4 (1nc) record that includes 23 knockouts. Bellator might get an exciting, incident-free tournament finale out of Falcão, but it is only a matter of time before something else awful happens.

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