The Lakers Double-OT Win Over the Thunder Featured Ron Artest's Elbow and Some Kobe Heroics

Thanks to some all too familiar heroics from Kobe Bryant, the Lakers put on a show in the fourth quarter at the Staples Center today, outscoring the Thunder 30-14 to force overtime and eventually win 114-106 in two extra frames.

The stirring moment, one you’ll see continuously for the next 24 hours, came with 1:26 remaining and the shot clock winding down when Kobe had no choice but to launch a three from the top of the key off of one foot, miraculously giving the Lakers the lead. Roughly 30 seconds later and presumably in the spirit of outdoing himself, Kobe nailed another three, again with the shot clock winding down. Can we all agree that this guy is an absolute freak? It’s moments like these that make the Lakers a nauseating playoff matchup for pretty much anyone.

He also dove into the stands. Why? Because Kobe knew he would later hit a pair of big threes, and such an act coupled with clutch shooting only furthers his already beefy legend.

As you already know by now, Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace sadly provided anyone and everyone with yet another moment to saddle up on their respective high horses and valiantly gallop through the streets, sternly calling for the blood of the controversial Lakers forward. The best ones so far? Not only throwing him out of the NBA, but having him arrested by the LAPD. Ridiculous, hilarious, and profoundly dramatic. Give me a break.

The elbow he delivered to James Harden was certainly terrible, but should he not be awarded a few points for the expert fighting stance he flashed when Serge Ibaka demanded a few words? Ibaka would have been wise to check on his teammate rather than walk into that buzzsaw.

I agree with Jason, he’ll be suspended for around eight games; max of 10.

[vids via @Jose3030]

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