Seth Greenberg Is Reportedly Out At Virginia Tech

Seth Greenberg Is Reportedly Out At Virginia Tech


Seth Greenberg Is Reportedly Out At Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech has called a press conference for 4 pm today. When inquiries were made of Seth Greenberg, he said “I’m still employed” and that he had no idea what the press conference was about. David Teel of the Hampton Press, however, now reports that according to sources, the press conference is about a change in the head basketball coach for the men’s team. Whoops!

Looks like Seth Greenberg thought he was in the field again, only to just miss out. Greenberg has had a history at Virginia Tech coming up just short of the NCAA tournament, and has been Dick Vitale’s favorite many a year when debating who should have gotten into the tournament. Virginia Tech has only made one NCAA tournament under Greenberg in nine seasons (2007, second round) and finished with a losing record for the first time since 2006.

The fact that Virginia Tech decided to make a change from media favorite Greenberg is not surprising. The timing most definitely is. There has to be more to the story yet to come. The season has been over a month (the Hokies’ last game was 45 days ago) and Virginia Tech basically cost itself time in a coaching search by waiting until the end of April.

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