Jeff Hostetler, Karl Mecklenburg, and Dome Patrol Members Rickey Jackson and Vaughan Johnson Among Latest to Sue NFL

The news out of New Orleans continues to roll in. The penalties and focus on the Saints’ bounty system is linked to the lawsuits that the NFL is facing from over a thousand former players over head injuries. Now, two members of the most famous Saints’ unit have joined in yet another suit as named plaintiffs. Rickey Jackson, recently inducted in the Hall of Fame, and Vaughan Johnson were both members of the feared Dome Patrol. That case was filed in the Eastern District of Louisiana as a class action, and also includes former Chiefs safety Gary Barbaro as another named plaintiff.

Separately, another suit has been filed in the Pennsylvania, with Jeff Hostetler as the lead plaintiff. That lawsuit has 60 plaintiffs, including former Broncos Karl Mecklenburg and Dennis Smith, former Raiders punter Jeff Gossett, and Dexter Jackson.

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[h/t: nflconcussionlitigation, photo via US Presswire]

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