Roundup: The Carlton Dance, Horse Kicks Trainer in the Head & Watch a Woman Nearly Get Hit by an Ambulance

Ali Larter … Emma Roberts looked hot at Coachella over the weekend … more on college waiting listsTommy Tomlinson is leaving the Observer for the new USA Today/MLB Advanced Media joint venture … “Manhattan residents want parking ban because of sex in cars” … Megan Fox is reportedly pregnantBig Ten football tickets are getting increasingly expensive … “Zoning Out Is a Crucial Mental State” … Jessica Chastain might be in Iron Man 3 … teenager survived this fall through pavement

It’s a done deal: Aaron Lynch, the Notre Dame defensive end, is transferring to USF. [TBO.com]

Pretty strong Whitlock column on journalism and the Bernie Fine case. [Fox Sports]

The art of hiring a football coach. Really cool read. [Seattle Times]

Rangers 3, Senators 2 in game six. They’ll play game seven on Thursday, the same night as the NFL draft and the final night of the NBA’s regular season. [NYDN]

Over the weekend, former NBA player Matt Geiger pulled a Bartman at a Rays’ game. [Rays Index]

Brian Dawkins has a retired. It’s too bad the Jets can’t get him out of retirement, because they could use a safety. Dawkins is a Hall of Fame lock. [Denver Post]

“The combined Social Security trust funds are expected to be exhausted in 2033, three years earlier than projected in last year’s annual report.” [CBS News]

Alabama WR DeAndrew White was released from the hospital, but nobody will say what transpired last week or how he got a concussion. [AL.com]

Phoenix 4, Chicago 0, and the Blackhawks have been eliminated from the playoffs. [SI]

Need to work on my Carlton Dance. Hi, Jesse Jane.

Dude’s lucky none of the women pulled out a weapon and started beating him. [via Adam]

Avery Bradley, thief!

Ohio State fans, you excited?

Look both ways …

Here’s a stallion kicking its trainer in the face. [via Adam]

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