Deion Sanders Also Charged with Assault Following Incident That Landed His Wife in Jail

Pilar Sanders, the wife of Deion Sanders, spent Monday night in jail following a domestic dispute at the home the estranged couple is sharing. Deion tweeted that his children had witnessed Pilar and her friend attack Prime Time. After further investigation, police decided to also charge Deion with assault. From the LA Times:

No details were released about the allegations, but a Prosper police spokesman said the new charge applies to any act that could be considered aggressive, including something as simple as a touch or jerking away from someone’s grip.

The charge carries a fine of up to $500, officials said.

Well, at least we know that Deion can afford the fine. Perhaps they should stop living together. I know their house is really big, but assault charges are much more likely if you’re going to run into each other in the grand hallway. [LA Times]

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