Columnist Blames Denver's Late 1st Round Draft Pick on Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow’s with the Jets now, and even though nobody should be talking about him during draft week … a Denver columnist was able to work Tebow into a story. Negatively, of course. Way to go, Mike Klis!

If not for Tebow, the Broncos may have been picking in the top five for a second consecutive year. They may have been picking closer to 6:30 p.m. They may have been in position to draft another Von Miller.

The Broncos were 1-4 through Week 5 of the 2011 season, seemingly headed for another high draft choice after finishing 4-12 the year before.
Then came Tebow. One improbable victory followed another. The unorthodox Tebow not only led the Broncos to the playoffs, he led them past Pittsburgh in the postseason’s first round with an overtime touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas. That playoff victory qualified the Broncos for the NFL’s Elite Eight in 2011 — but bottom eight for the subsequent draft in 2012.

Really, Mike? Yeah, it’s too bad Tebow didn’t make the Broncos the best story in the NFL in late December/early January. It would have been much better if they were awful and irrelevant and put themselves in the 5th or 6th draft position so they could decide between Coples or Cox or Kuechly.

This is yet another reason I hope the Broncos flounder with Peyton Manning in 2012 and miss the playoffs. The schedule will prevent them from double-figure wins, but I’m just not sure if the Chargers/Chiefs/Raiders are good enough to win nine games. [Post]

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