NFL Draft: Harrison Smith to the Vikings, Doug Martin to the Bucs and David Wilson to the Giants

29. Minnesota (via Baltimore) – Harrison Smith, Safety, Notre Dame. In a weak draft for safties, Smith is the 2nd best. He should start immediately. Even if he’s not ready. That secondary blows.
30. San Francisco – AJ Jenkins, WR, Illinois. Who? Is he better than Stephen Hill or Alshon Jeffery? Guess we’ll find out. Jenkins, if you’re curious, padded his stats vs. Northwestern (268 yards on 12 catches) but in the last seven games, he had just one 100-yard game, and one TD (in the bowl game). Probably the most puzzling pick in the 1st round, slightly ahead of what Seattle did.
31. Tampa Bay – Doug Martin, RB, Boise State. Awesome pick. He’ll compete from Day 1 for the starting job. How about that Greg Schaino draft? He got the best safety in the draft, and probably the 2nd best RB.
32 New York Giants – David Wilson, RB, Virginia. Explosive back. Big fan. What’s been so rough is seeing a lot of college players I like going to teams … I don’t really like.

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