Two Videos That Prove Texas Rangers Fans Are the Worst

Rangers outfielder Mitch Moreland was nice enough to toss a ball into the stands at last night’s game against the Yankees in Arlington. The only problem is, the person who caught the ball did so next to a little kid, who wept uncontrollably upon the realization the baseball would not be his.

Now of course the kid has the right to cry because he’s roughly 63 months old, but does he really deserve the ball? It’s not like the woman snatched it from his hands. If she were to give him the ball, he would turn into the second coming of Spaulding Smails and spend the rest of his life being an entitled dickhead. Well guess what, the little fellow walked away with a baseball.

Additionally, and probably most importantly, this unhinged cougar seriously exists:

Because you want to see it first!

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