Let's Look Back at a 2012 Mock Draft From May 2011

Why not? We put together this mock draft last May, a week after the 2011 draft. It involved a lot of NFL guesswork (which NFL teams would suck?) and college guesswork (who would come out, blow up, and stink?).

Of the 32 players projected last May, some stayed in school (Jones, Barkley, Te’o to name a few), and a couple let success go to their heads and had awful seasons (Harris, Burfict). A few of them are likely to get selected tonight (Worthy, Jeffery, Upshaw, to name a handful).

Hits (drafted in the 1st round):

Andrew Luck – 1st
Quinton Coples – 4th
Dre Kirkpatrick – 8th
Justin Blackmon – 13th (the only direct hit, to the Jags)
Trent Richardson – 14th
Luke Kuechly – 16th
Matt Kalil – 17th
Mark Barron – 22nd
Dont’a Hightower – 24th
Brandon Weeden – 27th

Those wild swings turned into Thursday’s mock draft, which correctly identified 24 of the 32 first round picks, and had eight direct hits (the first four, Tannehill, Floyd, Kirkpatrick, Reiff).

But enough with the back-patting. It’s time to move on to some bad NBA playoff picks. But who is excited for next week’s 2013 mock draft? Oh yeah, it’s coming!

Because you want to see it first!

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