NBA Playoff Prediction Post: Oklahoma City over Miami, Right?

The NBA playoffs are here! So … Thunder vs. the Heat in the Finals, right? Here come some predictions:

(1) Chicago over (8) Philadelphia in 5
(4) Boston over (5) Atlanta in 6
(3) Indiana over (6) Orlando in 4
(2) Miami over (7) New York in 6

I’d give the Knicks the best chance at an upset, even though they’re playing the team that Vegas has winning it all. The 76ers checked out months ago. Orlando doesn’t have Dwight Howard. I never, ever trust Atlanta.

(1) San Antonio over (8) Utah in 5
(5) LA Clippers over (4) Memphis in 6
(3) LA Lakers over (6) Denver in 5
(2) OKC over (7) Dallas in 6

Don’t know if the Clippers over the Grizzlies would be called an “upset.” I’d love for Utah to give San Antonio a series, and my sleeper is Denver, which has Arron Afflalo to slow Kobe, and should have an advantage with Gallo against whomever LA starts in place of Ron Artest Metta World Peace.

Eastern Semifinals: Boston over Chicago in 6, Heat over Pacers in 5. If Derrick Rose is 100 percent, no way Boston wins. But he’s not. So Boston wins.
Western Semifinals: Clippers over Spurs in 6, Thunder over Lakers in 7. Go Clippers!

Eastern Finals: Miami over Boston in 6
Western Finals: Thunder over Clippers in 7

Finals: Thunder over Heat in 6, and thus begins an incredible NBA offseason (I really do think the Heat will move one of the Big Three if they don’t win the title) and more, “LEBRON WILL NEVER WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP” talk.

* Preseason prediction was Heat over the Clippers in the Finals. Rooting interest after the Knicks: Clippers, Thunder.

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