The Official Mr. Irrelevant is Chandler Harnish, But The Real Mr. Irrelevant Now? The Guy Who Goes Before

Mr. Irrelevant has become famous in recent years, so much so that being the last player selected in the draft comes with a fair amount of notoriety. You get whisked around the country, everyone talks about you, and women even want to take away your innocence.

So, this year’s completely notorious Mr. Irrelevant is Chandler Harnish, a quarterback out of Northern Illinois, selected by the Indianapolis Colts, no doubt now leading to an immediate quarterback controversy near the Brickyard. He will garner fame for his 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, everyone will completely ignore Daryl Richardson, the running back out of Abilene Christian, who was selected with the next to last pick by the St. Louis Rams. Richardson is the younger brother of Bengals running back Bernard Scott, who has been my weekly fantasy sleeper for two years now if the Bengals would have realized that he deserves more touches at Benson’s expense. Where are the women who want Richardson? He’s way more irrelevant than the last guy taken in the draft.

[photo via US Presswire]




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