FSU Unveils Its New Anthropomorphic Horse Mascot Cimarron, America Laughs

Florida State has unveiled (or revived) a new mascot, Cimarron, an anthropomorphic and unbearably benign horse who is active on multiple social media fronts. The university believes the new mascot will allow FSU to “participate in some opportunities that were not appropriate for the distinguished symbol of Osceola and Renegade.”

Translation: it’s 2012 and, regardless of technical tribal approval, you can’t have kids posing with a crude Indian stereotype in red face and feathers. Consider this the halfway point for Chief Osceola following the way of Colonel Reb.

Cimarron is also the official mascot of “The Florida State Kid’s Club.” The Florida State Kid must be kind of a big deal to be designated “the” Florida State Kid and to have his own club, and mascot.

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