Jacksonville Jaguars Invite Kicker Long Ding To Camp

The Jacksonville Jaguars are doing work this offseason when it comes to their special teams, probably figuring that they will be punting the ball or settling for field goal attempts frequently. First, they selected punter Bryan Anger in the third round, hoping his talent will augment QB Blaine Gabbert’s skills.

Then, yesterday, with Josh Scobee refusing to sign his franchise tender, they invited a kicker by the name of Long Ding to camp. Ding is out of tiny Norwich University. Ding is a Chinese national who is on Twitter at @kickinglong and has his own website at kicking long.com. We eagerly await Jason Whitlock’s breakdown of his game.

If Ding can make a roster, he will immediately join the list of best international NFL kicker names, along with Donald Igwebuike, Ali Haji-Sheikh, Bjorn Nittmo, and Garo Yepremian. [photo via kickinglong.com]

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