Monica Seles Was Stabbed During a Tennis Match 19 Years Ago Today

Monica Seles was stabbed on a tennis court 19 years ago today. (Note: The above video doesn’t show the actual attack, just the aftermath.) At just 19 years old, Seles was the most dominant female in the game, but the attack altered the trajectory of her career. Hyper Vocal points out just how dominant Seles was at the time of the attack:

• 231-25 record (90.2% winning percentage)
• 30 overall titles
• 3 consecutive Australian Open titles
• 3 consecutive French Open titles (became the youngest winner ever at 16 in 1990)
• 2 consecutive U.S. Open titles
• 1 Wimbledon finals appearance

Günter Parche, the man who attacked Seles never served any jail time. Seles took two years off from playing competitive tennis following the attack. Seles would win just one more Grand Slam title after returning from the attack. She would never complete the career Grand Slam.

The Seles stabbing was one of those stories that everyone heard about when it happened – and that was before the Internet. A story like this would absolutely dominate the 24 hour media cycle today. Of course, people would also question all of her accomplishments because she never won at Wimbledon.

[Hyper Vocal, Getty]

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