Cosmo Deems JJ Redick the "Hottest Guy" in the NBA. Ricky Rubio Came in 2nd.

The Top 15 in case you don’t feel like scrolling through the entire 30-player slidehshow. 1. Redick, 2. Rubio, 3. Linas Kleiza, 4. Shannon Brown, 5. Tiago Splitter, 6. Blake Griffin, 7. Melo, 8. Rodrigue Beaubois, 9. Jimmer, 10. Wesley Mathews, 11. Trevor Booker, 12. Rajon Rondo, 13. Mike Dunleavy, 14. Elton Brand, 15. Danilo Gallinari. Three Duke players in the Top 15, four overall.

This list was also the first place I’ve ever seen Rubio’s biceps referred to as “jacked.” Wiry, yes, jacked, no. [Cosmo via ACC Sports]

* Yes, I’m aware Redick left Duke in 2006. But this shocker photo cracks me up.

Because you want to see it first!

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