TV Station in Dallas Reports Robert Griffin Bought His Fiancee a Bentley

A CBS reporter in Dallas reported that new Redskins’ QB Robert Griffin bought his fiancee a Bentley …

But, it just so happens to be the one that he bought for his fiancee, who is subsequently getting some criticism and actually being called a “gold digger” after she was seen buying said vehicle! Sweet little “Baylor Becky” (I’ve dubbed her that; it’s not her given birth name.) was seen around the Maryland area getting a brand new Bentley this past week!

… and for some reason, websites are following this up by insinuating RG3’s fiancee is a gold digger. Welcome to the NFL, RG3. As if dealing with Kirk Cousins wasn’t enough, now you have to put up with websites taking shots at your soon-to-be wife! Dust those haters off. [CBS DFW via Sports Kings]

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