Roundup: Vince Young Worked Out with the Bills, the Scream Sold for $120 Million, & a Nasty Lacrosse Sucker Punch

Elizabeth Hurley … awesome punch faceenergy drinks aren’t good for your teeth … Obama had a girlfriend when he was in his 20’s … Dr. Seuss‘ adult book … parking lot charges based on vehicle efficiencymom rents billboard for daughter’s prom queen bid … this Perfect Strangers game tho … $120 million for The Screamdrag queen bingo … spy found in sports bag probably died as part of a criminal act … dolphins help fishermen ….

More on Junior Seau’s suicide. [USA Today]

Following Vince Young’s workout with the Bills, the two haven’t reached an agreement. [Buffalo News]

A bunch of people named their kid after Shaq back in the 90’s. [Harvard Sports Analysis]

Alshon Jeffery is the first NFL draft pick to sign with a team. [Da Bear Necessities]

Will Smith plans to appeal his suspension because he didn’t have anything to do with the bounties. [NOLA]

Tiger says Jack is the G.O.A.T. [Golf Channel]

Amar’e’s injury in his own words. [New York Times]

Jose Canseco wants to play in the All-Star game because of course he does, he’s an idiot. [Larry Brown Sports]

Scott Gomez of the Canadiens got a buyout. [Puck Daddy]

Charles Barkley says LeBron is a good guy. [CBS]

On Gina Carano’s movie career. [SI]

More on the Sarah Phillips Twitter account thing. (Post has been deleted) [Xavier]

And some more, if you’re interested. [Deadspin]

A sucker punch? In lacrosse? No! (The kid’s name is Jake Champion!)

Here’s a dog and a parrot fighting over a yogurt.

Game of Thrones theme set to Legos.

Jimmy Fallon’s SNL audition.

Because you want to see it first!

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