Mariano Rivera on Pitching Again: "I am coming back. Put it down in big letters."

An emotional and understandably dejected Mariano Rivera met with reporters following last night’s game against the Royals. The inevitable question of whether he would ever pitch again was obviously posed, and for all the Yankee fans that initially hoped for a reassuring “I’ll be back,” they weren’t getting it; at least not right away. However, Rivera, just minutes ago, told reporters the following:

“I am coming back. Put it down in big letters … To me, going out like this is not the right way.”

Tremendous news, but only a blithering fool would question Mo’s pride. So while the Yankees turn to David Robertson, Rafael Soriano, and presumably some outside help, we’re thankfully not left thinking that Mariano Rivera’s spectacular career came to end with him laying in a heap on the warning track in Kansas City, baseball’s unattended toilet.

For those still wondering just what the hell a 42-year-old closer was doing shagging balls in center field, it’s something he’s been doing for the majority of his career, and he’d do it again:

“I don’t want it any other way. If it’s going to happen like that, at least happen doing what I love to do. And shagging I love to do. I mean, if I had to do it over again, I would do it again. No hesitation. There are reasons why it happens. You have to take it the way it is. Fight. Fight through it. Now we just have to fight.”

Typical Rivera response that could easily be applied to any blown save opportunity over the course of his 18-year career, sans the love of shagging. But really, who doesn’t love shagging?

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