Jeff Francoeur Continues to be Awesome to Fans, Buys Another Round of Beers

We used to know Jeff Francoeur as an Atlanta Braves prospect with miles of expectations, but now we know him as Jeff Francoeur, the nicest guy in baseball. No, seriously. Frenchie continued his inspiring theme of outstanding good will this past Thursday night, tossing a $100 bill into the stands with a note that read, “buy some beer on me.” Amazing.

That generous incident happened at Kauffman Stadium in K.C., but it hasn’t been limited to the home crowd, he’s also been known to do it in Oakland, too, remember? Oh yes, pizza for all.

Think about it though, if you’re making $6.25 million to play baseball, and you happen to be an outfielder, would you not do the same exact thing? Seems like an easy enough gesture, and the amount of appreciation seen by the fans is worth every penny. Pretty awesome. It’s a shame there aren’t more engaging players like Francoeur.

[via Larry Brown Sports]

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