A High School Student Turned Basketball Recruiting Expert Organized Fundraising All Star Tournament to Honor His Mother

The New York Times has a great feature this morning on Alex Kline, a high school senior from New Jersey, who has become a big player in college basketball recruiting information.

Kline, who is going to Syracuse in the fall, started a website TheRecruitScoop.com three years ago, and it has grown to the point where he will now become a Rivals.com and Yahoo Sports partner, and he has over 21,000 followers on Twitter.

Kline has also organized an all-star game, the Mary Kline Classic, that took place yesterday at his high school and raised funds for cancer research. Kline’s mother passed away from a brain tumor when he was 10 years old.

He built his network through hard, persistent work, and uses his status as a fellow high school student to connect and relate to prospects and garner relationships. He then is able to provide updates and constant information on several high school basketball prospects. While other kids are talking in the halls, Kline uses his ride to school and then breaks between classes to check in on Twitter.

[photo via TheRecruitScoop.com]

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