Mike Shanahan Erased Doubt About a Quarterback Controversy on the Redskins

The Redskins mortgaged the future for QB Robert Griffin III, and then on the third day of the draft selected Michigan State QB Kirk Cousins. It was puzzling, to say the least. Fear not, Redskins/Baylor fans – there’s no controversy, says overrated Washington coach Mike Shanahan:

“Obviously any time you pick a player with the second pick in the draft and you give up two No. 1s and a No. 2 to move up four spots, you’ve got a game plan in mind,” Shanahan said at the conclusion of rookie minicamp. “We’re going to put him with the first team, when we come back.”

“He’s the starter, period.”

Glad Shanahan nipped this in the bud in May. Now we can move on to far more important matters, like what RG3’s fiancee is driving, how the Redskins offensive line will hold up, whether or not the new receivers have name tags, whether Fred Davis can lay off the herb, and if the defense can survive the loss of Laron Landry to the Jets.* [NFL.com]

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* I’ll get two emails and nine tweets about this, so to be clear: JOKE.

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