Renee Edgar is the Jersey Girl Wife of Former UFC Champ Frankie Edgar

This Saturday during UFC on FOX 3, many viewers were introduced to Renee, the wife of former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar. The UFC on FOX Twitter feed posted this picture with the champ’s wife in the background. Edgar and his wife both hail from Toms River, NJ, which is fairly close to the Jersey shore. When everyone’s favorite MTV program premiered, Edgar wasn’t a fan, as Jersey Shore made all New Jersey stereotypes official. Now, he and his wife are attending Pimps & Hoes parties with JWoww and Roger. Quite the departure.

Edgar has a rematch with Benson Henderson at UFC 150 in August. It will be Edgar’s 6th straight title fight and it will be his third consecutive rematch.

Before his first fight with Henderson, Edgar filmed this commercial for the UFC on FOX which does not star his actual wife. You can see Renee in Frankie’s episode of True Life from 2008 if you want to watch her plan their wedding.

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