I'll Have Another's Kentucky Derby Win Was a "Worst Case Scenario" for Lucky's Sportsbook in Vegas

Bodemeister’s choke down the stretch at the 2012 Kentucky Derby resulted in an upset win for I’ll Have Another … and a big loss for Lucky’s Sportsbook in Vegas. I’ll Have Another opened as a 200:1 longshot in February.

Lucky’s race and sports books, one of the only shops in town that offers futures betting annually on the Kentucky Derby, lost a significant amount of money because of I’ll Have Another’s triumph. Lucky’s — which runs books throughout Nevada including at the Riviera, the D Las Vegas, the Plaza and Terrible’s, locally — printed several tickets on I’ll Have Another to win the Derby earlier this year at odds as high as 200-to-1.

“It was our worst-case scenario,” said Dan Shapiro, who oversees Lucky’s horse book. “It was the first time in four years, since we started offering futures, that we lost money.”

The Sun goes on to say that money came pouring in at 200:1, and even as the odds were lowered, gamblers were still pounding it for four hours. The Sportsbook’s only guess as to what happened: “Everyone who worked in I’ll Have Another’s barn wagered on the horse that day.”

On the day of the race I’ll Have Another was 12:1. The New York Times’ pick, Union Rags, finished 7th. [Las Vegas Sun]

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