Randy McMichael's Annoying Neighbors in Missouri Want Him to Clean Up His Yard

Randy McMichael bought a house in Missouri when he played for the Rams, but when he left for the Chargers, the tight end stopped making payments and let the house slip into foreclosure. The yard, naturally, has been neglected. Now, a TV station is reporting that McMichael’s neighbors are pissed.

“Neighbors say they are tired of looking at the weeds, the overgrowth and the damaged siding ever since McMichael left the Rams after three seasons.¬†McMichael, who has earned over $12 million in his career, has not made a payment on the property in nearly a year and has let it fall into foreclosure, according to U.S. Bank officials.”

Way to try and shame the guy into doing something, annoying neighbors. He walked away from the house. It’s probably underwater. Why would he mow the yard?

“With our neighbors on the corner trying to sell their property it is hard to sell a nice property when there is something like this across the road,” Greg Knoblauch, a neighbor, said.

That sounds like YOUR problem, Greg. If the unkempt lawn is hurting your chances for a sale, how about mowing it yourself? Or paying someone else to mow it?

True story: Guy two houses down was selling his house last summer. The guy in between my house and the seller NEVER takes care of his yard. It is the worst yard in the neighborhood (don’t ask my wife about it – she’ll go off on the subject). Guess what the seller did? He got on his riding mower and took care of the guy’s yard. Then, he went a step further – HE ORDERED MULCH TO THE GUY’S HOUSE AND PUT DOWN THE MULCH to make the weed-ridden yard look presentable. It worked. The guy sold his house.

Hey Randy McMichael’s neighbors – step your game up and quit whining. [KMOV via Jeff Hill]

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