The Date of the Alleged Shower Incident Witnessed By Mike McQueary Has Changed

Prosecutors in the Jerry Sandusky case amended charges yesterday, changing the date of the alleged incident in the showers witnessed by Mike McQueary at the Penn State Football Offices from March of 2002 to February 9, 2001, according to Sara Ganim of the Patriot-News.

Why is this important? Other than the general credibility of McQueary remembering details, the date of the incident could mean charges against former athletic director Tim Curley and former Vice President Gary Schultz regarding failure to report child sexual abuse may be beyond the statute of limitations now.

In addition, Sandusky defense attorney Joe Amendola claims to have someone who will testify that he took “an innocent shower” at the football facility in 2001, and that a few days later, Sandusky called him and told him that AD Curley might want to call him, because someone saw something that made them uncomfortable. (Curley denies that he ever called Sandusky and received the boy’s number, as Sandusky claims).

If this new date puts that particular witness at the same time period, and that witness is going to testify as Amendola claims, it casts doubts over that incident that was at the center of the Penn State story.

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