Which NBA Team Down 3-1 Will Extend its Season by One More Game Tonight?

Let’s cross the Nuggets off the list. They were beaten soundly twice in LA, and there’s no way they’ll be up to the task after that harrowing game four defeat.

Let’s cross the Magic off the list. They’re terrible. Barring 15 made three-pointers, it just ain’t happening. I could go for round two of Duke vs. UNC, though.

Let’s cross Atlanta off the list. They’re the Hawks. Come on. Somehow, they’re 2-point favorites at home against the Celtics.

Which leaves the Bulls. Banged up and trailing Philly 3-1, the Bulls should save face at home tonight. The 76ers haven’t won a playoff series since 2003. If Chicago can manage to slow Jrue Holiday and Spencer Hawes – sounds funny, doesn’t it? – the series should be headed back to Philly Thursday.

The move is probably to go to bed early and rest up for Wednesday, which will feature the Knicks/Heat and Clippers/Grizzlies.

Because you want to see it first!

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