Ballin': Andrew Bynum Can't Back Up Tough Talk, Gets Dominated by JaVale McGee in Stunning Lakers' Loss

Lakers 99, Nuggets 102: Kobe scored 43 points but missed a game-tying three-pointer and the Nuggets forced game six in Denver with an impressive upset. The Lakers were booed – if not for a late-game barrage by Kobe, the Nuggets would have won by 10+ – and it wouldn’t surprise me if Kobe got more questions today about Andrew Bynum. A day after saying, “close out games are actually kinda easy,” Bynum only took eight shots in 39 minutes – which is fewer than Sessions, Gasol and Barnes – had one technical, and one bad foul on McGee, which you can see below. This is what happened after Bynum’s temper tantrum in game three.

I know the McGee alley-oop from Andre Miller is the montage up top, but it needs to be seen again.

Silver lining to the LA loss: Ron Artest Metta World Peace is available for game one against the Thunder.

Nice push off, Kobe!

Indiana 105, Orlando 87: The Magic actually led by two going into the 4th quarter, and then Dwight Howard must have called his teammates and told them to quit, because they did. The Pacers won the 4th quarter 36-16 in the final quarter. So, where will Stan Van Gundy be coaching next year?¬†Darren Collison had his best game of the series (9-of-10 FGs, 19 points, six assists, three steals, one TO) and he’ll need to play like that against the Heat for the Pacers to have a shot.

Chicago 77, Philadelphia 69: Ugliest game of the playoffs? The score was 35-26 at the half. The 76ers will close this out Thursday at home.

Because you want to see it first!

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