Bobby Petrino's Motorcycle Might Be For Sale (Yes, the One He Wrecked with Jessica Dorrell that Ended Up Costing Him His Job) [UPDATE]

Bobby Petrino’s motorcycle that he crashed in April with colleague Jessica Dorrell – the hog that ultimately cost him his job and probably his marriage, too – might be for sale. We say might because it is still unconfirmed that this motorcycle for sale on Copart actually belonged to Petrino. A reader tipped us off to it this morning, and we called the company, which said it won’t talk about sellers. But as the reader points out, the motorcycle looks a lot like the one that Petrino wrecked.

Is this an OK time to link up the Motorcycle model Petrino was also texting? Felt appropriate. [H/T @ArkBadger]

[UPDATE: Arkansas 360 has confirmed the motorcycle indeed belongs to Petrino.]

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