Your Complete Guide to Collegiate Sports Teams Making "Call Me Maybe" Videos

I posted the Harvard baseball team singing/dancing/van riding to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” earlier today. I was quickly informed that the Harvard baseball team’s version of this song is nothing compared to “Blank University’s” version of the song. Sure enough, this is apparently the most popular song in America.

An obscene number of collegiate sports teams have done this – mostly women’s lacrosse teams. Not to mention a ton of high school lacrosse teams and just random college students. As a result of putting together this post, I have heard the line “I threw a wish in the well” approximately 392 times in the last hour and gifted this song to everyone I know via iTunes. If this page takes a minute to load, that’s because there are 13 freaking videos embedded. Call me crazy.

Before we get started, here’s the original video and wouldn’t you know it – there’s a twist at the end.

UConn women’s basketball made one of the more well-known Call Me Maybe videos.

UConn women’s rowing also made their own version.

A couple members of the Syracuse men’s basketball team made a half-assed effort, but presumably got shot down by their teammates when they wanted to get Internet famous.

And here’s an Indiana University mixed bag.

Anyway, onto the women’s lacrosse teams of America…

Duke women’s lacrosse – Based on the twist, I can’t believe they’re even allowed to listen to this song at a school in North Carolina. (Topical!)

University of Mary Washington women’s lacrosse

Kean University women’s lacrosse

Millsaps College women’s lacrosse

Monmouth women’s lacrosse

Ohio Wesleyan women’s lacrosse

Montclair State women’s lacrosse

Cortland women’s lacrosse

Apparently, the Mount Holyoke women’s lacrosse team is too shy to be embedded. If there are any school’s I missed, feel free to send them along and I’ll add them to this handy database.

Because you want to see it first!

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