Brian Cashman Added a Fifth World Series Title During His Clemens' Perjury Trial Testimony

Is it not enough that the Yankees have won four World Series titles since Brian Cashman became general manager in 1998? Apparently not, because earlier today during his testimony in the Roger Clemens perjury case, Cashman added one for the thumb when he testified that the team had won five World Series since he became GM.

And this is why the rest of us hate the Yankees. They can’t even keep track of how many World Series they won. Life is rough.

Most of Cashman’s testimony focused on Clemens’ time with the Yankees and particularly his relationship with Brian McNamee. Cashman testified that Clemens struggled with injury in 1999, and after a bad outing in the ALCS Game 3, insisted to Cashman that he get McNamee to train him because he knew how to “push his buttons.” The Yankees hired McNamee as an assistant trainer the next year, and paid him $30,000, though according to Cashman, there was an agreement where Clemens would reimburse the team for his salary. (Cashman could not provide evidence Clemens did pay during cross-examination).

McNamee, the central witness in the case for the prosecution, takes the stand on Monday, after a day off tomorrow.

[photo via US Presswire]


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