Bryce Harper Could Sign a $400 Million Contract with the Yankees Says Author of Bryce Harper Book

Bryce Harper has burst onto the scene since being called up by the Washington Nationals. With a bad haircut, six extra base hits and a .822 OPS in 42 career plate appearances, Harper is destined to become the best player in the game. Harper is signed with the Nationals through 2015 2018*, but it’s not too soon to imagine him on the Yankees.

Assuming that both the Mayans aren’t right and Harper doesn’t sign a monster extension with the Nationals before 2018, he will be able to test the free agency market. Rob Miech, who wrote a book about Harper, knows as much as anyone about Harper’s future. From DC Sports Bog:

“I am gonna think pinstripes, but that is a completely personal answer,” answered [author Rob] Miech. “I hate to disappoint Nats fans, but he was born to wear the pinstripes, and that’s been a goal. That’s nothing new or earth shattering. You know, the Yankees have a way of giving a ton of cash to guys like that, and someone told me the other day that they could foresee the first $400 million contract at that time.”

It wasn’t that long ago that Harper said he was still a Yankees fan (along with the Cowboys, Lakers and Duke; ugh, this kid is the worst), so the idea for him bolting for New York when his contract is up isn’t that far fetched. Still, that perfectly round $400 million figure is a pretty big leap from Albert Pujols’ 10-year, $254 million contract in 2012. I guess we’ll find out between the 2018 and 2019 season. I’m sure this will be the last we’ll hear about it until then. [DC Sports Bog]

*Update: I was going by Harper’s current contract and only saw a salary until 2015. Harper won’t be a free agent until 2018. So the timeline is off by a couple years, but that also could push the contract (if he becomes the superstar people expect) into that $400 million range.

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