Swedish Soccer Star Freddie Ljungberg Was Tormented By Women Grabbing His Crotch in Nightclubs

Freddie Ljungberg, in his pomp, was one of the world’s best soccer players, though it wasn’t all fun and games for the former Arsenal and Sweden star. He was kind of a good looking fellow. He did a bit of underwear modeling for Calvin Klein. Women would just not take no for an answer.

From Inside World Soccer:

“It sounds so cocky and I will not whine, but if, for example, I’d go to a night club, girls would come up and grab my crotch. Just like that.

“It was happening everywhere. They came from behind, side, pulled and tugged at me. The worst part was that you could not do a damn thing about it. When I angrily removed my hands, people just laughed.

“Some people thought that I could blame myself, I had done Calvin Klein and played in a top team. But there was no limit to what others thought they were entitled to do.”

So, apparently, there is such a thing as too rich, famous and handsome. This deserves its own #FreddieLjungbergProblems meme.

Because you want to see it first!

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