Roundup: 6-year-old Makes Unassisted Triple Play, Art Monk is Suing the NFL & Mitt Romney Was a High School Bully

Isla Fisher … “Dog Pees On Electrical Outlet, Starts Fire Inside Home” … Anna Farris is pregnantTom Brokaw thinks the DC Correspondents dinner is too much … “JetBlue makes no-fly list mistake, removes toddler” … Jessica $impson just inked a lucrative deal with Weight Watchers … can’t wait to see footage of when the original Dream Team “lost” to college kids … for the readers who watch Squawk Box … “Man stiffs cabbie of $12.40 fare, but had $5,000 in his pockets” … here’s a great photo of Rihanna … “Reese Witherspoon’s dad accused of bigamy” … mother and son are graduating George Mason University together … “6th graders made porn video at Mexican school” …

Euro 2012 begins next month, but Giuseppe Rossi won’t be playing for Italy. Back-to-back ACL tears have him sidelined. [SI]

Art Monk, the former Redskins receiver, is suing the NFL for “short term memory loss, headaches and speech difficulties.” [Washington Times]

Broke down and read an ‘Avengers’ review. Still excited to see it soon. [New Yorker]

First, the Hokies lost their most talented player. Now, their top recruit has bailed. Gonna be a long winter on the hardwood. [VT Effect]

How Goldman Sachs blew the Facebok IPO. [Business Insider]

Here’s a crazy graphic of Weeden to Blackmon at Oklahoma State. [Pistons Firing]

I don’t know why people are debating Kobe vs. Michael Jordan, but … [OC Register]

So now Jerry Jones doesn’t want to trade cornerback Mike Jenkins? [Dallas Cowboys.com]

Over 45 years ago, Mitt Romney might have been a high school bully. [Wash Post]

Former Ohio State AD Andy Geiger is back! At the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. [Journal Sentinel]

Jon Hamm is going to be in the Disney movie about the two Indian pitchers from the Pirates organization. [Deadline Hollywood]

Drunk, pantless man who was mowing his yard is taken to the hospital by police. [Denver Post]

Watch this 6-year-old make an unassisted triple play.

Scary video from China.

Behind the scenes of the Doug Gottlieb show.

Chubby couple emerges from a McDonalds bathroom (2:40) after a sex romp. The store manager is not happy. [via Adam]

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