Phillip Thomas Is a Philadelphia Eagle, But He Has An Impostor Who Wants to Play For the Redskins

Phillip Thomas is a safety who played at Syracuse, originally from the Miami area, who signed with the Philadelphia Eagles as an undrafted free agent.

Phillip Thomas is also a safety from Syracuse from the Miami area, whose favorite player was Sean Taylor of the Redskins, and who signed with Washington as an undrafted free agent.

Of course, that second “Phillip Thomas” is a person who went around pretending to be the real deal. In one of the strangest stories in a while, Thomas has someone impersonating him, and that imposter ¬†even got on a radio show in the Washington D.C. area to talk about joining the Redskins. The news of Phillip Thomas signing with multiple teams led to some confusion.

Les Carpenter of Yahoo Sports has the story, and his own account of interacting with the imposter.

The real Phillip Thomas said someone has been impersonating him for some time, going back to his days at Syracuse. That’s when strange posts began appearing on his Facebook page, like a picture of a pile of liquor bottles suggesting he had been drinking heavily. Still, he didn’t consider it a problem until this spring when he started to hear of the interviews and Facebook and Twitter posts.

Les Carpenter exchanged messages with the impostor over the last month, and when Carpenter tried to confront him about being on the Eagles, he claimed that the Eagles had released him, the Redskins had signed him, and now the Eagles were disputing that they had released him. Truly bizarre stuff.

[photo via US Presswire]

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