Video: Kimbo Slice Knocked Out His Latest Opponent Richard Dawson In, Oh, About 10 Seconds

Update: Kimbo may have actually fought a can man named Jesse Porter last night. If that’s the case, Kimbo knocked out a guy who was 2-4 and coming off a loss at a Boys and Girls Club in Arkansas.

Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson pushed his boxing record to 5-0 at Lucky Star Casino in Concho, Oklahoma on Saturday night. Kimbo Slice punched Richard Dawson* in the head a few times before the former Match Game panelist and Family Feud host hit the canvas and never got up. The 23 year-old Dawson was undefeated heading into the fight (1-0). Kimbo’s five opponents had a combined record of 3-5 when they stepped inside the ring.

*It wasn’t really the 79-year-old television personality, but it might as well have been.

[via Iron Forges Iron]

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